Simply Dental: Broccoli Help in Oral Health
How Does Broccoli Help in Oral Health

All the human body parts are connected to each other and their healthy functioning depends on how well we take care of them. One of the most important parts of our body is the teeth. Our mouth can be said to be the gateway to our body. The germs and bacteria that grow can cause harm to our body. When we fail to take care of our oral health, it can lead to oral and serious periodontal diseases which further cause other health complications in diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, lung conditions, etc. 
Regular brushing, flossing and eating healthy food can help in preventing periodontal diseases. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy can help you in leading a healthy life. There are some foods that are healthy for your oral health. Some of them include almonds, apples, celery, carrot, cucumber, etc. One of the healthiest foods known for healthy teeth and gums is broccoli. It is known to naturally remove plaque, whiten your teeth and maintain your gum health. 
Power of Broccoli
Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables that we consume. Broccoli has big flower heads that are usually dark green in colour and is surrounded by leaves. It resembles a cauliflower but actually belongs to the cabbage family. It belongs to the cruciferous family of vegetables. It is highly nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals. It can be roasted, steamed or boiled before eating but many people eat it raw also. Different ways of preparing broccoli including stir frying do not impact the compounds present in it, but it is best to have raw or steamed.
Broccoli is a powerhouse of goodness and including it in our meals can give you constant supply of minerals and vitamins such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate and many more. It not only helps in naturally strengthens your gums and cleans your teeth but also has several other health benefits for the body.
How Does Broccoli Help in Oral Health
Maintaining a healthy set of teeth and gums is not a task that is unattainable. Besides proper and regular brushing and flossing, you need to eat a well-balanced diet. A healthy diet helps in giving your body the nutrients required for its proper functioning. When our body is fuelled with the right minerals and vitamins, our mouths get the supply of good bacteria that help in fighting infections and bad bacteria. 
Studies and research show that our oral health is the first to be affected if we intake unhealthy and less nutritious food. Sugar is not only bad for our body but also harmful to our teeth. When we don’t take proper care, it forms cavities, tooth decay and inflammation in our gums. Carbohydrates, sugar and starches together cause plaque acids which are bad for our tooth enamel. Continuous attacks on enamel dissolve it and create a hole in the affected tooth/teeth which is called a cavity. When the enamel is eroded over time, it causes tooth decay which may lead to serious infection causing severe pain and discomfort. 
We tend to consume high amounts of phytic acid that causes tooth decay and some high phytic acids are grains, legumes nuts, etc. We can balance this by increasing nutrient-rich foods in our diet such as eggs, vegetables, etc. This will help in healing our teeth and gums naturally. Foods that are especially rich in A and D are superb for dental health and so are phosphorus and calcium. These vitamins and minerals are important for our teeth as they help in the process of remineralization which is a must for the enamel of our teeth. One such super amongst the others is broccoli. Here are some benefits of broccoli for our teeth:
  • Broccoli Whitens and Brightens Your Teeth Naturally: Broccoli is a super food and is one of the best foods for oral health. In fact, it helps in whitening the teeth. It is loaded with minerals that aid in the breaking of plaque present on your teeth thus helping it clean naturally, so you get a more beautiful and confident smile.
  • Broccoli Makes Your Teeth Strong Broccoli is rich in calcium which is essential for bone health. Chewing raw broccoli stimulates saliva that naturally which washes out the dangerous acids and food particles present in your mouth and helps your teeth strong and healthy.
  • Broccoli Forms a Protective Layer Broccoli is also high in iron which helps in forming a sort of protective layer over the enamel of your tooth and keeps it from eroding or decaying from harmful bacteria or acids. It has anti enamel corroding properties which help in keeping our teeth safe from stains cavities. 
  • Broccoli Helps in Fighting InflammationBroccoli is also very high in fiber which helps in lower any inflammation in your mouth. One of the best ways to fight inflammation through broccoli is to eat it fresh and raw. The florets of the broccoli contain the highest minerals and vitamins that are good for oral health. 
How to Intake Broccoli 
Consuming broccoli at its natural form is the best way to get the benefit of all the minerals and vitamins present in it. However, if you don’t prefer to consume it raw, you can stem it and have it. Roasting, microwaving and stir-frying are other options, but it shouldn’t be heated for a long time. Extreme cooking doesn’t give you as many benefits as consuming it raw normally does. 
So, if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy and your gums free of any painful diseases then always include broccoli in your diet along with other healthy food. However, you shouldn’t forget to regularly brush and floss your teeth. Use mild toothpaste that is fluoride free and is made of natural ingredients. Ensure that you visit a dentist at regular intervals to keep your oral health in check. 
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